have your taken your 5 a day
5 a day for the mind

It has never been more important to look after your mental health and your brain. The world moves at such a pace, there is a lot of pressure and precious little time to stop and smell the roses, but its important for your mental health that you do. With a little time and effort you can take small steps which will change how you feel and over time improve your health and wellbeing.

I am running a Good Foundations Programme which is designed to help young people develop their inner strengths and resources. This draws on all the training and experience I have gained from my work as a mindfulness meditation teacher; sophrologist; a post graduate certificate in applied positive psychology and my personal research. The course can be held in schools for small groups or……

Introducing ‘The Mindful Coach’ on the EDUfii app which students have found to be very supportive and effective. Originally designed as a sports coaching app I use it to provide daily help and support to bring back balance and enhance wellbeing and happiness.  With regular use the ‘The Mindful Coach can improve anybody’s experience of their life and provide extra support when life gets tough and personal resources are depleted. A recent client had this to say…….

My Mindful Coach  – EDUfii App

This app is invaluable, having my own personal wellbeing coach. It is helping me through a really difficult time in my life.

I was introduced to EDUfii when I was at a real low, confused and battling with a very difficult decision of whether to take antidepressants and that was my turning point.  My personal Mindful Coach – My New Beginning, My New Life.

Each morning before my day begins I receive a note on the app from my coach filled with her professional advice. Giving me small challenges or goals for that day, filled with lots of encouragement, links to inspirational music, thought provoking articles, mini meditation/mindfulness exercises and much much more.

On my timeline, I can add photographs, videos and notes of anything that makes me feel good and I write a daily summary of how I am doing. I have fans on my journey, my close friends, supporting and encouraging me all the way.

With everything recorded daily, I can look back and see the real evidence as well as feel how  far I have come and I now believe I can do it!

I would recommend anyone who is struggling with the challenges life can bring to add this to their toolkit. With a bit of guidance and encouragement, you too can discover that you have the resources within yourself to find your way back to wellbeing and happiness.

About Sophrology….

It is quite amazing that something so straight forward as learning how to relax your body and then concentrating on your breathing can have such an incredible effect on your total wellbeing. No doubt it is somewhat more involved than that, but it is so simple yet so profound. It has enabled me to move away from feeling constantly stressed about the everyday things of life, which should normally not be and begin to really enjoy living. I know I still have a way to go but I know I am well on the way!