5 A day for the Mind

Here a 5 simple ways you can protect yourself from being over run by negativity bias of your brain. Taking a little time each day to notice what is going on inside your head is an education in itself. Once you have noticed what’s going on in there, you can take positive action which improves brain function and has positive health benefits in the short and long term. Over time you will create new mental habits. Make sure you’ve TAKEN your 5 a day your mind  – you will soon notice and feel the difference.

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 Have you T A K E N   

                             ‘Five a Day’ for your Mind?

Take a break

Close your eyes focus on your breathing and let go of any tensions in your body. This will help you to come into the present moment. Try to stay here for a few moments. In this place you can notice how you are feeling, sensing it rather than thinking about it. When you are in the present moment your mind will no longer be replaying the negative of your past or worrying about the future, this will calm your mind.

Accentuate the positive

Focus on the good things in your day or in your life, be grateful for them, and write them down if that helps. Keep coming back to them, you can only think about one thing at once, use this to your advantage. If the negative demands your attention try to accept what you can’t change don’t struggle with it, then take positive action to make the changes that you can and then move on.

Keep it real

Notice what you are thinking or worrying about, observe your thoughts, see them as events in the mind, acknowledge them for what they are – just thoughts, not your reality, not what is really happening. You do not have to be driven by your thoughts or believe what they are telling you, you can just let them go. Your body reacts to what is going on in your mind as if it were real, positive thoughts will have a positive effect have more – they are free!

Enjoy yourself

Consider your own needs and wants, how you spend your time, even if you are busy you may have more choices than you think. Make sure you do something each day just for you, that you enjoy, and be in each moment experience it with all your senses. Know that you are important too, you must take care of yourself and be kind to yourself.

Nip it in the bud

If you find yourself battling with your thoughts, distract yourself, go for a walk, observe your surroundings, read a book, watch a film, do a crossword, listen to your favourite music, look at photos that bring back good memories, have a cuppa with a friend. Don’t give your mind the opportunity to take you to a dark place. Do something!